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About Us

We are ready to craft your custom home

DSR Builders

Owner Dave Sarkela has spent a lifetime in the building industry. The son of a builder, Dave grew up gaining the extensive knowledge and honing the necessary skills to construct superior homes. His expertise is matched by his passion for fine homebuilding. Following his father's footsteps, Dave began DSR Builders in 1993.

Since then, DSR Builders has earned a reputation for building exceptional custom homes and custom home communities in the Upstate South Carolina region and the greater Greenville, SC area. We are proud of our homebuilding tradition, and of our work in South Carolina. Committed to excellence, we build homes whose elegance is matched by the spectacular beauty of the South Carolina landscape.

How DSR Builds Your Dreams:

The Custom Homebuilding Process

The First Step: Selecting a Custom Homebuilder

DSR offers three distinct advantages as a custom homebuilder: experience, quality workmanship, and personal commitment.

DSR Builders have been building custom homes in upstate South Carolina for over 18 years. Our expertise, skill and experience mean that we understand how to provide high quality workmanship, anticipate obstacles, and devise elegant solutions for your custom home. In addition, we have a long history of professional relationships in the area ranging from suppliers to sub-contractors. That kind of professional network only arises with time, and promises a successful homebuilding process.

Our workmanship represents a commitment to quality that is unsurpassed. We invite you to visit our website gallery for examples of our finished custom homes. These homes represent our finest work, and our clients' fondest dreams. We are proud to showcase these successful custom homes.

At DSR Builders, we work closely with you throughout the planning and building process. Owner Dave Sarkela is personally committed to realizing each homebuyer's dream. Communication with DSR Builders is easy, transparent and quick. Our foremen are onsite and available in person daily for all questions, concerns, change orders, and other communications. And Dave Sarkela is also available to answer any of your questions, discuss your custom home or respond to any concerns. Personal commitment and excellent communication foster an efficient and exciting homebuilding process.

Second Step: Pricing Your Custom Home

Our experience means that we provide highly accurate cost estimates because we know what supplies, labor, and materials cost in upstate South Carolina. DSR helps our clients map out a plan that fits their budget. Some clients prefer setting an absolute cost limit on their custom home. DSR works closely with these clients to find the custom features they love while maintaining their budgetary requirements. Other clients prefer a more flexible budgetary framework. In that case, we leave room for custom adjustments that the client may want as we progress in building. In both cases, we provide a highly detailed, careful cost estimate of the original custom home plan.

Third Step: Changing Your Custom Home as You Build

Change orders are always possible with DSR Builder teams. As building progresses, you may find yourself adjusting your plans, or envisioning changes as the shape of your home emerges. Once you contact Dave or your foreman regarding a change, we fully research the cost of that change. If costs are acceptable to you, the change order goes through.

Fourth Step: Personal Service, Professional Communication

Throughout the planning and building process, DSR Builders emphasizes clear communication. We listen carefully to your home requirements, working closely with you to design a superior custom home that enhances your lifestyle. During construction of your custom home, our foreman is always available to update you on building progress, answer your questions, and discuss your custom home plans with you. Owner Dave Sarkela is also always available to address your concerns, wishes or questions. At every stage of planning, development, and construction, we maintain close communication to ensure that your custom home is the exceptional residence you desire.

Home Builder's Association of Greenville

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